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The term FinTech refers to the synergy between finance and technology, which is used to enhance business operations and the delivery of financial services. Fintech can take the form of software, a service, or a business that provides technologically advanced ways to make financial processes more efficient by disrupting traditional methods. We provide comprehensive financial and technological solutions and consulting services.


We have expertise in the fields of predictive risk analytics and decision modeling. Our globally experienced team stay on the cutting edge of quantitative modeling and analytical methods to provide the most current and sound analytics.


We use post-modern data analytics tools and estimation techniques and combine it with our global knowledge of risk management and regulatory issues to simulate likely scenarios and predict future events. We help our clients manage risk efficiently and improve their financial and operational performance to reduce cost and increase profits.

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Why Choose Us?

Our globally experienced team has been providing risk analytics and advisory services for past 25 years. We are a group of senior professionals, each with decades of direct market experience that includes trading, managing risk, working with regulators and serving on boards. Our highly specialized team of professionals uses post-modern data analytics tools and estimation techniques; and combines it with our global knowledge of risk management and regulatory issues to simulate likely scenarios and predict future events.

Risk Analytics Consultancy

Effective risk management depends on accurate risk quantification.

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Market Risk Analytics

Our post-modern copula based statistical models assist our clients to accurately measure and monitor market risk & stressed losses.

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Credit Risk Analytics

Given the on-going turmoil in credit markets, a critical re-assessment of current capital and credit risk modeling approaches is more than ever needed.

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Operational Risk

Operational risk management (ORM) has long-been an imperative in the financial services sectors, due in large part to regulatory requirements and oversight. Yet the immaturity of ORM has been demonstrated, time and again, by high-profile instances of operational risk failures impacting the largest financial institutions.

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The critical role played by internal models, industry leading practices and regulatory requirements dictate that financial institutions implement an independent model validation process to assess the quality and accuracy of their internal models.

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Regulatory and Internal Compliance

Being and staying compliant is a constant challenge. New laws and regulations are constantly being introduced or changed. The ability for the organization to interpret these regulations well and to operationalize and sustain compliance practices requires diligence, an understanding of their relevancy to the business, and continual communication.

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