Consortia Solutions International Private Limited consulting services and solutions revolve around the key risk estimations and risk management challenges faced by corporations worldwide.


Effective risk management depends on accurate risk quantification. It is extremely difficult to design a sustainable and successful risk management strategy without first identifying, measuring, analyzing and understanding the existing and emerging risks that impact your business.


Consortia Solutions is an international firm providing consulting services in the fields of predictive risk analytics and decision modeling.  With the help of our globally experienced team, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of quantitative modeling and analytical methods to provide our corporate clients and research partners with the most current and sound analytics to their decision questions.


Our highly specialized team of professionals uses post-modern data analytics tools and estimation techniques; and combines it with our global knowledge of risk management and regulatory issues to simulate likely scenarios and predict future events.   As an outcome, we help our corporate clients manage risk efficiently throughout the enterprise, improve financial and operational performance, reduce cost and increase profits.