Being and staying compliant is a constant challenge. New laws and regulations are constantly being introduced or changed. The ability for the organization to interpret these regulations well and to operationalize and sustain compliance practices requires diligence, an understanding of their relevancy to the business, and continual communication.


Today’s complex regulatory environment is presenting many difficult challenges to financial institutions of all sizes. Increased regulation is consuming unprecedented resources for firms and requiring high levels of expertise. We are here to help with a full range of regulatory compliance services that are designed to help you cope with today’s multifaceted regulatory challenges. We work with our compliance clients to prevent potential problems, correct existing issues and proactively provide guidance to efficiently stay ahead of a rapidly changing regulatory landscape.


We provide services for the periodic review, monitoring, and determination of the firm’s compliance with the laws and regulations subject to regulatory scrutiny.  We also provide consultation and staff training in those areas in which compliance may not be considered satisfactory, while ensuring that the institution has established appropriate procedures and controls for ongoing compliance with those regulations.



Additionally, our team of experts provides advanced quantitative services in following


  • Regulatory compliance analytics: This includes Basel II and Basel III related analytics required by the regulators including CAR estimations, ICAAP modeling, ILAAP modeling and ICLAAP modeling.


  • Capital planning and predictive analytics: This includes optimization analytics, pricing analytics, client service analytics, capital planning, loss forecasting, model development & validation, stress testing, and reporting of risk to enable our clients take smarter decisions and understand higher outcomes.


  • Treasury risk analytics: This includes mark to market valuation models, cash flow at risk (CaR) modeling, VaR modeling, sensitivity analysis, yield curve modeling, counter party risk analytics and duration/modified duration estimations.


  • Derivative valuation & pricing: This includes point in time estimation of derivative portfolio using real time simulated analytics for futures, forwards, options, swaps and exotic/combo derivative baskets.